Ciprian Chirileanu (Romania)


Mirage, pastel, paper, 70×100 cm, 2015

Fata Morgana is the Latin name of Morgan le Fay, the Witch of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Also known as Morgane, “born of the sea”, she is the queen of the Atlantic island of Avalon who “attracts the living into the world of the dead” (Jean Vertemont). In correspondence with Greek mythology, sirens are marine nymphs famous for their beauty and melodious voice who bewitch seafarers, causing them to strand and then eating their bodies. Sirens mean deceptive and illusory dreams. The general acceptation of a Fata Morgana is represented by a mirage, an optical phenomenon caused by deviation or reflection of light rays that pass through layers of air with different temperatures. The plain and static compositional structure of the work is dominated by a single horizontal white line, symbolizing the far away horizon, a “no man’s land” line between heaven and earth.