St Georges Francois FXSTG (Canada)


Drawing Amsterdam by FXSTG

Hauled behind a bicycle, this drawing machine is designed in such a way to power and spin bits of graphite over white paper. The more it spins, the larger the radius gets, thanks to a counter-weight balancing system. The drawing-head also reacts to road angle, bumps, accelerations and active braking, generating a series of drawings on thick paper. Making so that every drawing is absolutely unique and clearly descriptive of the path followed by the artist.

All the main streets, canals and public places were recorded during the performance. The artworks were exhibited at Amsterdam renown Original Dampkring Gallery.

Drawing Amsterdam was completed in summer of 2014. It took months to design, build and test the drawing contraption in Montreal, Canada. The cargo-like machine was shipped to the netherlands.

Artwork : 24” x 36”




Drawing Montreal by FXSTG

Driving along the streets of montreal, Drawing Montreal presents a series of drawings from a specially designed road contraption. the wind-powered device tracks the artist’s journey, exploring the idea of road distance and art. documenting short distance trips on paper, the project was finally completed after 400km of touring around streets all across the city. the rotation of the wind turbine, fixed in the trunk of a pickup truck responds to speed, acceleration and breaking, as well as traffic flow and pavement quality. The unit records every subtle change on a large sheet of thick white paper using sticks of graphite to generate layers and shades in a circular pattern. A large diameter represents high speeds, while small and dark circles indicate mostly high traffic areas, with each journey producing a unique and delicate design. As a result, through this machine and performance, a multitude of road-drawings were produced, each dispalying a signature of shades and circular patterns.

Format : 26” x 38” on heavy white cardboard




Francois xavier saint georges (AKA FXSTG), mecano and concept artist, Bum and country guy creating art using natural landscape as laboratory. He creates complexes contraptions : the rotodrawing. As a parallel field of creation, he puts to scene the degradation and accelerated effect of time by bringing together concepts that are at first apart. He then build, shoot and photo-document the project. This second and ongoing project is called Erosion. FXSTG was part in several solo and group exhibitions. At the Biennial of Contemporary Art of Utrecht, in 2012. In Paris, earlier this year at Chromatic Art Exhibit in april 2015. And last summer he performed a solo exhibit in Amsterdam. But above all, he has a strong web presence among major design and art sites, such as designboom.

Rotodrawing are unique prints generated by devices of his own invention. Over the years, he created a series of machine that randomly generates graphite or ink drawings. “roto” is based on electric or human-powered rotary tools, to which FXSTG has affixed sticks of graphite or syringes of ink. While the device’s construction varies from sometimes simple to very complex, the drawings it creates are always unique: layering shades and pattern marks onto the page as it hops and moves around a blank sheet of paper. Some Roto are capable of drawing an infinite sheet of paper, or spatter ink by time interval.

Designer and director of concepts : In addition to its main artistic field, FXSTG is working now on a major project giving life to an impressive “time suppressive” machine. A large contraption designed to records the effects of nullification of circular movement, through drawing. This machine is almost completed, the artistic production is scheduled for late-year 2015

All projects are posted on his personal website, a timeline showing his production in realtime, over the months and years.

Exhibits and publications.

2012 – Utrecht / Biennial of Contemporary Art
2013 – Montréal / Musée des beaux arts : Featured Piano/Panier installation
2014 – Montréal / Chromatic festival
2014 – Amsterdam / Original Dampkring Gallery featuring Drawing Amsterdam
2015 – Paris / Chromatic festival – featured artist, featuring Noir Au Nord
2015 – Montréal / Massivart, featuring Noir Au Nord

Designboom : multiple covering
Design 360, design magazine : 10 pages full coverage of Rotodrawing
Type player book : Full coverage of creative typography + foreword
Communication Arts : Award winner
Art director’s club : Award winner
Coupe magazine : Award winner

FXSTG – 2015 for Tallinn Drawing Triennial