Madeline Deriaz (Canada)

Madeline Deriaz is the fourth generation of a family of Swiss photographers – photographers from father to son since photography was invented. She is the first woman in the dynasty to have published and exhibited her photographs and ten of them are part of the collection of the Musée de l’Élysée, the photography museum in Lausanne in Switzerland. But her favourite medium has always been drawing. When she was fifteen, she set up her first studio in the attic of her family home and began to learn to draw by copying works of the great masters. For her, drawing is as essential as eating and sleeping.
After studying visual arts at Arts décoratifs et aux Beaux Arts de Genève, Deriaz built a career as drawing teacher, typographer, graphic designer, illustrator, and gallery director. In November 1993, she immigrated to Quebec. Her working life came to an abrupt halt in the fall of 1994 following a very serious accident, and she was inactive for many years.
In 2000, she moved to Saint-Camille, a small community in the Eastern Townships, and returned to school, attending the University de Sherbrooke and the University de Montreal for a master’s degree and a doctorate, respectively. Her field of study was relatively new at the time: development of the elderly through the visual arts.
In 2008, she returned to making art and, while pursuing this career, she is involved in the artistic and cultural communities on the local, regional, and national levels.