Jurgita Juodyte (Lithuania)

Idea and performance: Jurgita Juodytė Video performance time: 3 min.

“My heart is broken.
I cannot feel.
Coals are black.
And diamonds are white.
The coal is fading, it turns into a jewel.
There comes a life after the pain. For now I am a white page.”

Performance synopsis: a woman wearing a wedding dress and a makeup looks straight into a camera in front of her. She has a charcoal in her hand. The bride raises her hand and leaves a dot about the position of her heart. The hand keeps moving. The dot turns into a line. The line turns into a circle. Her movements reiterate. The black coal is drawing the line on her dress, her hands, her chest, and her face… Until the charcoal is vanished. Her hands hang down.
Filming performance the real weading dress of author was used.